Our facility in Garden Grove, CA provides a high level of security and comfort for our study participants. The airy, light environment, kitchen facilities, and recreation room also contribute to patient retention. The facility also features state-of-the-art equipment and a customized laboratory enabling us to offer the most advanced medical technology and care. The unit shares the lot with a hospital, providing immediate access to emergency room care. This unit in Orange County, CA includes:

  • 4,000 square feet
  • 8 beds
  • Outpatient treatment center
  • 2 full bathrooms with 1 full shower
  • Recreation area with satellite television and internet
  • Secured, environmentally controlled pharmacy
  • Private monitor offices with phone and internet
  • Secured, controlled access to facility
  • Video surveillance
  • Locked and alarmed refrigerators and freezers ( -20°, -70° ,-80°)
  • Device/ Drug Delivery
  • IV Infusion Drug Delivery
  • Multiple Electrocardiograms
  • 24-hour Urine and Blood Collections
  • Crash Cart/ Defibrillator
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Multiple electrocardiograms and echocardiography
  • Glucose Monitoring Devices
  • Telemetry – Halter monitoring / Bed-side
  • Ultrasound
  • Treadmill
  • Centrifuges
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Laminar Flow
  • On-site Pharmacy
  • On-Site Urgent Care
  • First-in-Human
  • Drug interactions
  • Special populations
  • Single/multiple rising dosing
  • Telemetry monitored
  • Single and multiple dose pharmacokinectics-pharmacodynamics
  • Food effect
  • Single and Multiple Ascending Dose
  • 3,000 + study participant database
  • 24-hour medical monitoring
  • Bioanalytical Services
  • Protocol Consultation and Writing
  • CRF Design and Development
  • PK/PD Analysis
  • Data Collection, Management, and Analysis
  • Report Writing
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab
Phase I Lab